Chapter 88

What Does It Take To Kill

Hiro’s POV:


A loud whistle resounded through space, which origin was none other than Anest’s lips. As it spread in the nothingness, a few tens of thousands of people suddenly turned around and ambushed the other cultivators. This was true on all fronts and all levels. The elders were no different. We expected that something like this would happen, but for it to be this big…Read More »

Chapter 89: Smith Falls

It was not that he didn’t want to kill Smith, as he came to know too much about most of his secrets during the short time they battled with each other. But Smith was a fellow student of the White Deer Academy and the Academy would take the deaths of any student very seriously. He was just a little kid right now at the Second Level Condensation Realm. With his current strength, there was no way that his words would have enough weight behind them. He couldn’t even protect his own secrets.Read More »

Chapter 88: Backup Arrives?

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Azalon took a deep breath and his body tensed for battle as the lightning Spirit Energy coursed through his Spirit Veins. His arm muscles vibrated softly as they tried to get in resonance with the tendons in his arms, in preparation for the Infinite Pulse Fists. His smile was full of confidence because he knew what those motes of light he scattered into the wilderness are doing. He just have to wait until his backup arrives. Then, he can leave without worrying about Smith chasing after him as he would become very busy once the backup arrives.

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Chapter 87


Third Person POV:


Alice and Hiro left Rose in the room. She didn’t know what to think after being commanded by Alice. “I better please her… I didn’t think that she could be so evil to me!” Rose talked to herself as she left the room. After finding a good place, she entered her own world and started cultivating.

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Chapter 86

Blood is Our Bond

Alice’s POV:


The next day we met in the park at the same place. All four of us were grinning like idiots because everyone was happy and satisfied. Not waiting any longer, we were teleported to the Star Formation by Narihi and Poirlion. After telling them our destination, which was a planet called Tynor, they took us there in the blink of an eye. We should really reach that damned Temporary Law Realm.

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Chapter 85.5

Pouring Chocolate on a Naked Apron

Hiro’s POV:


Upon entering the room, I found Alice standing there, with her back and butt completely naked. I slapped my forehead upon seeing that round, plump ass in front of me. I felt hotness flooding my lower half and a bulge rising in my pants. Then I felt the wonderful fragrance of chocolate in the air, which made me feel hunger.

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