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Spirit God Shura – TOC

What Is It Like To Be Eternal? – TOC




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Chapter 118


Third Person POV:


Alice locked space around them, making teleportation impossible. A cultivator had to channel his or her Qi into the world around them, to freeze matter. As long as this state was active, other cultivators couldn’t become one with the Universe and teleport. The skulls above their heads were the materialized forms of Soul Eater.Read More »

Chapter 117

Rolling Tumbleweed

Kane’s POV:


I came to in a dark place. I couldn’t move or breathe. Everything felt empty. My body unmoving, I fell into a deep slumber. Some knowledge about a little girl always came into my mind. She had a loving family and a few close friends. I didn’t understand why was I seeing pictures or memories of her.Read More »

Chapter 116

The Last Straw

Alice’s POV:


We made such a wonder. Hehe, and I’m not talking about your talent and looks but the world lost in you, I thought, looking at our daughter, who was all smiles from ear to ear. The pajama we gave her was a perfect match! Feeling my overflowing love, I couldn’t help but jump at her and hug her.Read More »

Chapter 115


Hiro’s POV:


The huge factory was filled to the brim with modern machines, which worked non-stop to tailor each cloth. There were cabins, which measured people’s sizes. The data the machines gathered was sent to the tailoring machines. There was only one person in the whole factory, but even he was spending his time cultivating. That person was none other than the owner. People had to pick a fabric, an outlook for the cloth they wished to buy, and after paying, the tailoring machines would finish in a few minutes.Read More »

Chapter 114.5


Alice’s POV:


Fresh air rushed through the opened windows, fluttering the curtain. The sun shone on my face, annoying my eyes. Why were there stars in the Abyss? But at least the sunlight felt good. I opened my eyes, only to see Hiro’s muscular arms, coiling around my head. There was only a little gap, exactly enough for the sun rays to enter.Read More »