Chapter 72: Rune Novice

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 72: Rune Novice

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I saw the update on rrl and came here to find the newer chapters. I hope it won’t be another month before we get the next chapter!


  2. YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!!… dude, im sure that a lot of readers left and stopped reading this since on 69 it was said that you died… and with no reply at all we all started to think it was true… dude at least leave a notice that you will be busy for a month or so….
    So im sure that the readers including ME (ORE-SAMA) are upset with you for not even wasting 1 min to post a notice saying “will be busy for a month”…
    I just decided to check on a whim because i was bored… and started to open favorites one after the other and when i was closing things i noticed that there was an update…


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