Chapter 73: Coming Out of Seclusion

There were a lot of comments proclaiming me dead.

 And here I am updating the chapters. So, what does that make me? A Ghost’Buster’?

(I know. A horrible attempt at a pun with my alias.)

But an important announcement to all my readers. The schedule for the Spirit God Shura will be one chapter every week released during the weekend. And if I could squeeze out some time from my work, there may be another one or two chapters added to the guaranteed one chapter.

Thanks for your support and here’s Chapter 73… Enjoy and please do comment…


21 thoughts on “Chapter 73: Coming Out of Seclusion

  1. Can someone explain to me what the difference between spirit energy, spiritual sense, and spirit essence is? I’ve either forgotten or never knew because those terms are so ambiguous. Or can someone point me to the chapter where they were explained.


    • Spirit energy is the qi refined in the body by the person

      Spiritual sense is the inate ability to sense spirit energy’s in world but there are different types of spiritual sense people can unlock or cultivate

      Spirit essence is the qi refined by the spirit beasts to be used by the cultivator


      • Thanks. Energy from humans, essense from non-humans. So spiritual sense is a sensing ability? But from chapters like this one it sounds like a resource, he has to put a certain amount into runes and no more. That’s confusing me.


      • @samtailor All things can be measured in arbitrary units, which is fundamental to using science to understand the universe. As a stereotypical AI, LILY will try/was probably programed for efficiency to rationalize the world around her.

        I believe spiritual sense acts similar to how a lot of novels will use soul strength. There is a supernatural aura that surrounds him which can sense his surroundings and influence his environment. As things get farther from the aura they would get fuzzier, but he can manipulate it so more of the aura is focused on a specific area. This focus would be similar to pressure, which could be measured. – This is assuming a lot from other novels and may not be cannon.

        Using Chapter 71 as the basis – The Spirit Energy appears to be where the main power behind the rune come from and is the ‘material’ it is crafted from. The Spirit Sense allows the energy to form a specific shape (the units LILY refers to are most likely him applying pressure). The Spirit Essence is the last step and it behaves like a glue that stabilizes the formation in its whole. If it were an ice sculpture; the energy is the water, the sense is the chisel, and the essence is the cold that holds it together. Again, it’s up to buster to confirm or deny though.


    • whew.. that was a close shave! I’m so jucied about the Liverpool and Arse results as well – We wo#8;&217nt catch ManU this season but 2nd place is ours if we keep up what we are doing.Reply


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