Chapter 91: Spirit Immersion

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The murky brown light and the pale blue light dimmed down revealing two figures that appeared before Azalon while their names rang out in his soul. Azalon still didn’t understand whose voice that belonged to that would announce the names of the Soul Spirits every time one of them Awakened from their dormant state. He had no idea how that had happened but that voice would affect the very depths of his soul, like the words spoken by the voice, were branded onto his soul itself.

He shook his head as the ever – growing list of the things he didn’t understand silently increased with one more addition to it. He looked down at the two newly Awakened Soul Spirits. The murky brown light dimmed down to reveal his Earth Soul Spirit. It was formed of small pieces of rocks that were arranged to form a sort of human-shaped figure that didn’t even reach to half his shin in height. Small but thick pieces of rocks formed its chubby legs and long arms that reached its knees. A single uneven but square shaped rock formed its torso and it was also the largest part of its body.

Its head was an oval shaped pebble that looked like it grew out of its torso. Two coppery gem looking things made up its eyes and those eyes were looking back at Azalon. Compared to Raka who was graceful and LILY who looked the very epitome of beauty or even Merup with its unique wild appearance, Azalon felt that this Earth Soul Spirit of his was so simple looking! (It will be more or less be like This. Merup can be expected to be like This, except purple… Visit Deviant Art for more of these awesome artworks!)

But from the Spirit Essence that he could feel from the Soul Spirit, he could tell that this was one powerful Spirit despite being in its Infant Stage!

Azalon turned his gaze towards the second Soul Spirit he had Awakened. As its name said, it was a small snake that was hovering mid-air. It was the length of a normal snake like he would see back on Earth and it was completely covered with glittering bright blue scales except for its blue gem-like eyes. Two small bulges were present on the either side of its head like something was about to grow out from within them. Two needle thin fangs extended down from its upper jaw and a long forked tongue occasionally flicked out from within its mouth.

Azalon could practically feel the moisture in the air responding to the presence of this snake Soul Spirit. The temperature in the cave dropped down as even the moisture from outside started gathering inside the cave, responding to the presence of this Soul Spirit!

Not only Azalon, his three Soul Spirits were also curiously observing the new additions to their ranks, especially Merup. His laughter echoed through the silent cave as he whizzed around the two Spirits. From the looks of it, he was very happy and Azalon could guess what this fickle minded Lightning Spirit of his was thinking. Until today, he was the weakest among the three of them with Raka and LILY always fighting for the top place. But now that these two “weak” Spirits joining them, he was not the weakest now!

But before any of them could speak, the Golem and the Snake Spirits started shining brightly as they were once again covered in a shimmering cocoon. Azalon smiled in surprise as he could feel the soul embryo of these Soul Spirits formed again and they were about to evolve!

After all, the souls which he used for the Awakening were not normal Spirit Beasts but a Class 5 Spirit Beast and a Class 3 Spirit Beast that was considered a Class 4 Spirit Beast! It was no wonder that the soul energy from them was enough to Awaken and evolve them to another level.

Within a few moments, the remaining soul energy from the Demon Mountain Ape and the Netherlake Basilisk was completely absorbed by the Soul Embryos and the shimmering cocoons cracked and exploded with a muffled bang, and Azalon heard that voice again deep in his soul.

“Primal Elemental Golem, Prithvi”

“Winged Water Serpent, Vasuki” (Author Note: This name in the previous chapter was ‘Ganga’ which was a mistake. It’s changed.)

The Earth Soul Spirit that emerged from its embryo now looked more refined and its physique grew taller and appeared almost human like. Its body which previously looked like a pile of rocks arranged on one another now were long cut rocks making up its limbs and body. The two coppery gem like eyes were now shining with a bright lustre and the Spirit Essence that was radiating from it was now seemed more heavier and powerful, like a small mountain that bore down on them. There were thin coppery lines that snaked across its body forming a mystic pattern that gave off a stable but heavy aura from its body.

Because the Demon Mountain Ape was a powerful Class 5 Spirit Beast, its soul energy was more than enough to Awaken and evolve the Soul Spirit to the half – step Adolescent Stage of its evolution, the same as Raka and LILY!

While the soul of the Netherlake Basilisk was not as potent and abundant as the Demon Mountain Ape, it was enough for the Water Soul Spirit to reach the peak of the Infantile Stage, like Merup. It grew almost to double its length and the blue scales on its body appeared more pronounced and glittered like precious gems. Two wings extended from just behind its neck and were neatly folded on either side of its body. Azalon observed that two horns now grew out on its head where he had seen the bulges previously. Its bright blue eyes that shined like blue sapphires were observing Azalon back as he was observing it.

As he was concentrated on his newly Awakened Soul Spirits, he didn’t observe the subtle changes that happened on Raka the moment the two Soul Spirits evolved. Raka’s golden eyes glowed softly and if one could observe, deep within those golden eyes there were small tendrils of purple lines floating within. Now there were additional blue and brown tendrils that joined the purple tendrils, interweaving with each other but not completely mixing.

When these two tendrils appeared in Raka’s eyes, a small blue sapphire in the shape of a drop and a small brown oval shaped obsidian formed on its forehead adjacent to the already existing purple amethyst on its forehead. If Azalon had seen these gems, he would have found out that the positions of the three gems were the same as the positions of the souls of the three Soul Spirits orbiting around his own soul!

Meanwhile, Azalon took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement and his enthusiasm to talk with his newly Awakened Soul Spirits. Now that he had Awakened his Soul Spirits and even successfully evolved them to the Infantile Stages, he had to now complete the most important step that a cultivator had to perform during the Spirit Condensation Realm, the Spirit Immersion.

According to the data he collected, Spirit Immersion was a step where the cultivator would immerse the soul of one’s Soul Spirit into the Spirit Lake that was formed from his cultivation. This would not only increase the affinity one had with the Spirit Energy but it also strengthened the connection between the cultivator and the Soul Spirit. They would be tightly bound to each other, no longer separate entities but rather one with each other.

But before that, he had to reach the Spirit Condensation Realm for the newly Awakened Soul Spirits and form their individual Spirit Lakes. Normally this would have taken a lot of Spirit Energy to be absorbed and slowly cultivated but fortunately, he had the Spirit Essence he had refined from the Spirit Cores of the Demon Mountain Ape and the Netherlake Basilisk.

The refined Spirit Energy from the two Spirit Cores accumulated in his Soul Root and under his mental coercion slowly formed two vortexes in his Soul Root just beside the already existing two vortexes, the purple vortex of Raka and the grey vortex of Raka and LILY combined. Spirit Energy was continuously poured into the vortex and within a few moments, the two vortexes grew to occupy the entire Soul Root.

Peak Spirit Sense Realm!

Just as he had done when he had stepped into the Spirit Condensation Realm, Azalon’s Spiritual Sense enveloped the two vortexes and started shrinking them. Under that pressure from the Spiritual energy, drops of pure Spirit Energy condensed and rained down to form a small puddle on the bottom of the Soul Root. The rain gradually turned into a drizzle and his cultivation reached the 2nd Level Condensation within no time!

Even Azalon was left shocked at the speed he had reached this stage.

“No wonder cultivators go crazy for the Spirit Cores, especially those of the powerful Spirit Beasts,” Azalon muttered in amazement as he watched the newly formed Spirit Lakes, one with a pale blue Spirit Energy that looked like the purest water he had ever come across and the other containing brown murky Spirit Energy like a muddy swamp.

The Spirit Energy from the Spirit Cores was more than enough for his cultivation in the new elements to reach his current cultivation, peak Second level condensation!

“Now, for the Spirit Immersion.” Azalon looked up at the hovering souls of his own and his Soul Spirits and muttered to himself. He took a deep breath and completely mobilised his Spiritual Sense. The Spiritual Sense flooded into his Soul Root and under Azalon’s manipulation, completely enveloped the soul embryo of Vasuki.

“Come here!” Azalon commanded in his mind and his Spiritual Sense responded as it tried to break the soul embryo from its orbit and bring it down to him where he was standing beside the blue Spirit Lake.


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  1. The refined Spirit Energy from the two Spirit Cores accumulated in his Soul Root and under his mental coercion slowly formed two vortexes in his Soul Root just beside the already existing two vortexes, the purple vortex of Raka

    shouldn’t be the purple vortex of merup


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