Chapter 114.5


Alice’s POV:


Fresh air rushed through the opened windows, fluttering the curtain. The sun shone on my face, annoying my eyes. Why were there stars in the Abyss? But at least the sunlight felt good. I opened my eyes, only to see Hiro’s muscular arms, coiling around my head. There was only a little gap, exactly enough for the sun rays to enter.

My right leg was resting on Hiro’s belly, my breasts pressed against his side and my right hand around his big chest. “Ah~ This is so nice,” my husband mumbled in a low voice, sucking in a breath of fresh air. I moved my right leg downward, wishing to stretch my leg, but I was blocked by Hiro’s morning wood.

“This too is really nice,” I whispered into his right ear, my right hand coiling around his manhood. I felt it twitching in my hand, showing his excitement and willingness.

“Do you want to have some fun? Our daughter and her friends are still sleeping soundly in the forest, so we have all the time to indulge in pleasure. Do you want the heart and body of your wife?”  I whispered in a sweet voice, licking his earhole. I felt his excitement rise through the skies. “I like your reply. It turns me on.”


Feeling his twitching, hard penis in my right hand and the shudders running through his body, I couldn’t help but feel excited. Ever since the birth of our daughter, I’ve had to hold back my voice and my emotions. I couldn’t flirt with my mate as freely as I wanted and I couldn’t have sex with him every time I wanted.

At first, we weren’t happy about our daughter staying out for the night with her friends. But knowing that we could have some alone time together after such a long time, we felt better, though we were still missing her. “Alice… if you keep panting in my right ear, like some kind of horny beast, I’ll be way too turned on to stop,” my husband said, squeezing my buttocks with his right hand.

“Ahn~  Aren’t you way too rough? But you see, I’m a horny dragon. You can’t expect me to be calm when we are alone. My instincts are connected with my possessive love for you. Do you think that I could restrict my emotions?” I said in a gentle tone, kissing him on the lips.


His penis twitched once more in my right hand. Feeling excited to play with him, I crept downward, licking his right side, stopping at his nipple. I looked up into his eyes as I strengthened my grip on his cock and started moving my hand up and down. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes to evade eye contact with me.

No matter how many times we did it, he just couldn’t handle my lustful look without bursting quickly. Unless he changed his mind and mood…  I knew that my play time was limited, so I got to work. Using our abilities, I created a clone and used it to pleasure Hiro’s upper half.

Sneaking down on his body, I reached his crotch. The smell from our pleasurable night, filled my nostrils, clouding my mind. “Such a manly odor. I shall eat you up,” I said as I sat up to look at his face. Pulling back my hair, I leaned forward and coiled my lips around the tip of his penis. Finding it dry, except for his precum, I spat on it. Watching out for my teeth not to touch his cock, I started sucking on his penis.

Using my tongue, I licked the bottom of his penis. Our eyes met for a moment and I couldn’t help but think with a red face, I’m so dirty… My God… this guilty pleasure! The first thing we do when our daughter leaves for a night is have sex. But I can’t stop myself. I want this penis that is dedicated to me!!


Seeing that I stopped moving, he raised up his right hand and caressed the thighs of my clone, making me feel it at the same time. His hand slowly moved upward, reaching my private place. Damn it. He started moving. I better not show too much… who am I lying to? He can feel my emotions and thoughts! I can’t escape!

[And I can hear you too. Hehe, girls have the advantage while being mortals. But they can’t fight against cultivators with infinite stamina! I’ll make you lose your strength, like in the old times.] he said through our bond, wearing a vulgar smile on his face.

“You heart is black, but I love it,” I said before his right hand spread my labia and started caressing me. “You are the worst! How could you tease me so much? Don’t just caress it like some kind of pet!” I exclaimed, looking at him with a frown.

Not saying anything, he looked at me before closing his eyes. Knowing my body all too well, he started off by pinching my clitoris. Although my lips quivered, I held in my voice. I was not only used to do that by now but even my pride played a role this time. Using his pointing finger, he thrust it into my pussy and started caressing my insides. As I felt him struck my G-point, I couldn’t care any less about my surroundings as I moaned aloud.


Not wishing to lose to him so miserably, I started working on his penis. Feeling my wet mouth, his penis twitched, knocking against my teeth. It’s good that I saw it coming… I thought, having more confidence. I felt his left hand brushing through my blonde hair, grabbing the back of my head. Being just as impatient as ever, he moved my head at his own pace.

Feeling that he was getting closer to cumming, I sat up and licked the sides of my lips, disconnecting the long line of saliva connecting my mouth and his penis. “Oh, Alice. You should look at yourself…” Hiro mumbled in a low voice, looking at every crook and cranny of my body, focusing on my plump labia.

Thanks to his play earlier and my horny mood, I turned soaking wet in such a short time. Raising onto my knees, I hid my breasts with my hands and crept forward, stopping over his penis. A crazed feeling of hotness spread through my crotch in anticipation of what was to come. Using Water Magic, Hiro lubricated his penis. Grabbing the base of his dick, I pointed it towards my pussy and slowly sat down on it.

His cock glided through my hole, stirring up my excited folds, causing them to coil tightly around his penis. Placing his hand on my ass, he squeezed my buttocks as he said with a grunt, “Ugh. Hot and juicy. Your pussy is as good as new.”

“Fufu~ What did you expect? I’m not a mortal,” I said, leaning on his chest, pressing my breasts against him.


[Ah~ You smooth white skin. The delicate lines of your body, your arching back, your thighs, your breasts. I love all of them!] Hiro said through our bond, coiling his arm around my back. Hearing the excitement in his voice, I couldn’t help but feel excited and proud.

Leaning close to his ear, I whispered, “I’ll reward you for your thoughtful words~ ” I started shaking my hips back and forth, making both of us feel good. I felt his hard and hot penis sliding through my hole, reaching its deepest spots. Clenching my fists, I continued with my movements. Seeing my husband’s lips, I stretched my neck to reach his mouth.

Pushing my tongue into his mouth, I licked the insides of his mouth and rolled my tongue around his. [You have such a good bubble butt. Haah- it turns me on way too much,] Hiro remarked in my mind, panting heavily. Our hearts were beating like crazy. Separating, I placed my head on Hiro’s chest, my head turned to the side and closed my eyes. I felt my pussy turning hotter and hotter as the pent up pleasure was about to break loose.

But before anything of the sort could happen, Hiro uncoiled his warm arms around my back and sat up with a roar, “ARGH! I can’t bear with you like this! It’s nice that you are moving, but I want to dominate over you. I want to see your lewd face while I’m pounding you!”


Turning me onto my back, his cock still inside my pussy, he grabbed my breasts and started fondling them. I spread my legs wide, feeling his intentions. He loved when I spread my legs for him. Another pair of arms grew out of his shoulders, which he used to grab me at my waist and hold me in place.

“Can I?” he asked with a joking tone, not even bothering to wait for my reply. It’s not like I would have refused it. Raising my tail, I thrust it into his asshole as a punishment. A shudder ran through his back as he gritted his teeth. I looked at him with a smirk on my face, waiting for his outburst.

“I told you not to touch me there!” he exclaimed with an unhappy face, feeling my tail pressuring his prostate. His penis grew even larger than before, reaching a length of thirty centimeters. “Fufu~ now the size of your penis matches your huge body,” I remarked with a chuckle.

“I can’t even thrust that much into you…” he mumbled in a low voice, knowing that he has to be more careful like this.

“It must be nice to be a Hydra,” I teased him further, waiting for him to start. His penis twitched inside me, ready to go. Panting heavily, he pushed me into our super soft bed and started moving inside me.


Just so he could get back at me, he moved slowly and carefully, barely grazing the best spots, knowing how much I wanted him to rub them. I tried moving my hips but both of us knew what the other wanted, so I had no way to win. It turned into a tie where I was just teased more. Using my tail, I pressed it against his prostate. His back arched from the sudden feeling inside his body.

“Now you have done it,” he said as he finally started doing as I wished. I may be short with my height, but I wasn’t a fragile woman! Gripping my waist with his strong hands, he pounded my pussy, focusing on my good spots. I put my hand over my mouth, trying to hold back my moans.

“Haah- why are you trying to hold it back, dear? Aurora is nowhere nearby. You can moan as much as you want!” Hiro made me remember.

“Ahn~  You are right! You are so deep inside~  Auhn~ I just can’t hold back my voice,” I replied between my moans, feeling great. That feeling of hotness started spreading through my crotch once again, making me feel a great feeling of anticipation.

“This will turn into an orgasm. Haha~ It’s really good that we are fused. I can always look at your lewd face when we have sex,” my husband said, still pounding me hard, with his tireless stamina and perfect precision.

“Haah~ Uhn~  I’ll surely orgasm,” I moaned, feeling a thick juice leaving my pussy. It was thick and creamy white. Seeing it, “Feelin’ good? Haha,” Hiro said with a chuckle.


Turning my head to the side, I looked at him only from the corners of my eyes. “How cute,” he remarked, embarrassing me for some reason. Maybe I felt ashamed of my lustful side. I was so easily dominated, even though I was a Dragon God! But he didn’t care whether he came or not, no matter how I played with him. While my mind turned all hazy and fuzzy when he pounded me and made me orgasm. If only he was a mortal… I could turn the tables!

[Haha, but I’m not,] he remarked, grabbing my chin with his upper right hand and turning my head towards him. Circling his thumb over my lips, he spread them and pushed it into my mouth. Looking at him with lust clear in my eyes, I started sucking on his finger. Closing my legs, I put them on his shoulders.

Out of nowhere, he leaned forward, making my legs bend towards my own shoulders. “How much you can stretch? Let’s see,” he whispered into my ears. I put my feet behind my head, showing him the maximum I could manage without breaking my bones. “Damn it! You are terrifyingly tight like this! Haah- I have no god, but I’ll call its name today!” he said with a shaking voice, his penis trembling inside my pussy.

Leaning closer, he started kissing me. Now that my legs weren’t in the way, he went from my nipples to my collar bones, to my neck, to my lips, to my ears. “God. I have the best wife,” he whispered in a low voice, making me feel happy to hear his words, not just feel his emotions.


“I’ll dump my load into you,” he added, quickening his pace even more. His penis was rubbing every good spot in my vagina, pleasuring me beyond anything. Creating a clone of myself, I made it stand in front of Hiro’s face. As I leaned forward with my clone, he started licking my soaking wet pussy, going as far as to push his nose into my hole. It’s good that my body didn’t have impurities and I wasn’t smelling bad.

Sniffing my vagina, his penis started twitching more regularly. I put my clone’s tail into his mouth. Right when I was about to orgasm, he bit on the tip of my tail, causing a bolt of electricity to rush through it and enter my brain. I rolled my toes into balls and my pussy tightened up like never before, squeezing everything out of Hiro’s penis. His hot and sticky white sperm flooded my womb, filling me up. I felt an overwhelming hotness spread through my whole body, as my stiff body loosened up.

My body kept twitching and spasming from the pleasure I felt. At the same time I orgasmed, my clone fell on me, having no strength in my legs. Seeing my clone sprawled out on me, Hiro was filled with a feeling of excitement.

My body was about to calm down when Hiro started moving inside my juicy, sticky, hot pussy, not minding that it was filled to the brim with his sperm. Looking down, I saw his penis being covered in a sticky white texture, which originated from my pussy. A powerful scent spread in the air, filling my nostrils and exciting me further.


His moving penis, prolonged my orgasm, making me fall into true bliss. “Ahn~  Hiro. You can’t believe how happy I feel now. This might sound selfish, but keep moving inside me. I want you all to myself,” I said, looking into his eyes, showing my love for him.

“Haha, it’s not like moving inside you would make me feel bad. It’s exactly the other way around, so I don’t even know why are you apologizing,” he replied, shaking his head.

“Ahn~  I just want to speak, I think. Else I’d lose my mind,” I answered, closing my eyes. Grabbing my thighs, he pulled me towards the side of our bed. I pulled out my feet from behind my head and stretched out my body.

“Ugh, this felt strangely good,” he remarked, feeling the changes inside my pussy. “Spread your legs into asparagus. I want to taste more of that position,” he said in a commanding tone, his eyes strangely cold. But that look just excited me even more. Gulping loudly, I did as told and used a space law to keep my legs opened wide.

“GUH! Alice, your pussy is just above anything I’ve ever felt,” Hiro grunted, gritting his teeth. Looking at my face, he pulled out his penis before entering me again, pushing his dick into me, all the way.

“Yahn~ ”

“Such a cute moan. Your folds are crazy tight,” he said as he started moving inside me. His fingers traced the curves of my thighs, rushing up my belly, circling around my nipples, and then took their ways towards my clitoris. Seeing the anticipation in my eyes, a smirk formed on his face as he continued to play with me, never touching my clitoris, always passing by beside it.


I felt despaired between the mix of my emotions. His cock felt great inside me, but at the same time, I wanted to feel even better. I clenched the blanket in my left hand, feeling frustrated. I thrust my right hand forward and grabbed his left wrist quicker than lightning. “Pleasure my clit! Please~ ” I said through gritted teeth, moving his hand towards my clitoris, feeling wistful.

Although he obeyed my wish and pinched my clit, he stopped moving inside me. “Why are you such a bully!?” I shouted, closing my legs, coiling them around his back, and sitting up.

After making a thoughtful look for two seconds, he leaned forward. His fingers brushed through my hair and grabbed the back of my head. Coiling his right arm around my waist, he raised me up, hugging me close to his body. “It’s because you are so much fun to play with. You are one of the two dearest things to me,” he said, walking towards the wall behind me.


Pushing me onto it, he pushed his tongue into my mouth and intertwined it with mine. To my happiness, he started moving once again, playing with my clit at the same time. Using his fourth hand, he grabbed the tip of my tail and started rubbing it.

“Haah~ Ahn~  It’s so much better this way,” I whispered into his left ear, while he licked the right side of my neck, sometimes switching to my ear.

His breath ragged, he whispered into my right ear, “Your warm breath tickled my ears. You turned me on even more, though I have no idea how. Understanding your own emotions is really the hardest.” Finishing his sentence, he nibbled on my ear as if it was some sort of mashed food.

“Ugh- your red ears are just making me want to bully you even more,” he added upon noticing my embarrassment over my weakness. Looking deeply into my eyes, he started pounding my pussy. My ass gave out clapping sounds each time his crotch touched with my private parts. I was so wet that even his crotch turned juicy from the white cream my pussy was releasing.

Our saliva mixed and flowed down on our chins, spilling to the ground. “ARGH! I just love you so much~  Hiro,” I shouted, separating from him for a moment.


“Haah- you feel so good. I’ll cum,” Hiro said in a low voice, biting into my shoulder. “Uhn~ do you want to play even wilder?” I moaned, feeling his teeth weakly pressed against my skin.

“YAHHN~  I love this feeling! Kuh- it’s just wonderful,” I shouted through gritted teeth. The well-known feeling of hotness spread through my stiff body as I came, while Hiro released everything he had inside me. “It’s good that we can’t have children easily and that we can regulate our inheritance potential, else we would have more children than we could take care of…” Hiro remarked, loosening his arms around my back and my ass.

Looking down at his playful hands, I looked back up into his eyes to ask, “How long do you intend to ahn~  play with my clit? Let me rest a little bit… Yah~ I told you to stop!”

My brows twitched when I heard his reply, “But it’s fun to hear your yelps. They are amusing to listen to.”

Turning away with my face flushed, I mumbled in a low voice, “Well, it feels really good, so I can’t deny you. But you should still listen more to your wife.”

“Oh, I’ll listen to you now. In what pose do you want to continue?” he asked, surprising me. So cruel… he was trying to make me say perverted things. But we know each other all too well, so I didn’t care if I had to say it aloud in front of him.


“I want you from behind. That violating feeling always excites me more,” I said. Leaning closer to his ear, I continued in a whisper, “please violate this perverted pussy of mine.” He loved when I whispered dirty words and ideas into his ears. If this was all it took to make him super excited, I had no qualms doing it.

The shudder rushing through his body was a proof of his excitement. Without saying a word, he pulled out his penis from my pussy and put me on the soft bed, doing everything in a gentle way. “Hmm~ The calm before the storm?  I wonder how will you violate your dirty wife, reserved only for your use,” I fueled the fire, satisfying his possessive tendencies.

I turned onto my front and crept towards the middle of the bed. He kept standing there, watching me without saying anything. But his constantly twitching penis told tales of his true emotions, not to mention the overwhelming lust I felt through our fused souls.

Raising my butt, I swayed it in front of him, my tail following in tow. Reaching back with my right hand, I spread my labia wide, showing him my juicy pussy. “Won’t you come closer?” I said with a grin on my face, looking into his eyes. “Ah~ I get it. You are roleplaying the serious guy~ Then you surely won’t mind if I do this,” I added, pushing back my knees and lying on the bed once again.


Using my right hand, I pushed two fingers into my pussy, while I used my left hand to play with my left nipple. “Ahn~  They are so hard and erect. Look at my clitoris. It’s totally swollen!” I described my body parts and continued to play with myself. Looking back at him one last time, I slapped my round, bubble ass, making them jiggle like jelly.

He jumped onto the bed and spread my ass, squeezing my buttocks with his strong hands. His tail flew through the air with a speed that was way above the speed of sound. His tail entered my asshole, causing my holes to contract. Timing with his attack perfectly, he pushed his dick into my pussy, separating my folds.

“Ahn~  You are so rough!” I moaned upon feeling his penis stirring up my pussy.

“I just can’t believe that no matter the number of years, you can still seduce me as easily as before! Am I not supposed to get bored of people after seeing them for such a long time? How am I still so much in love with your body and mind?!” he said, feeling happy that his belief wasn’t just a fleeting dream. If not for him, I don’t think that I’d have thought of this sort of thing.

“Hyan~  You are reaching so deep inside me. Why would you attack my G-spot all the time? I’ll cum too easily!” I moaned, feeling his cock violating my pussy.


My buttocks jiggled every time his crotch hit them, resulting in clapping and squelching sounds. Thin lines of sticky liquids connected us continuously. We were dirty all over our bodies, but neither of us minded it. Coiling his arms around my upper half, he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them. Switching to my nipples, he started pinching and caressing them.

It didn’t take long before I felt his hot and hard penis shudder inside me as his sperm rushed through his cock and shot into my vagina. It felt hot and sticky, but I loved it. I turned my head to the side to receive his kiss. Our tongues intertwined and our saliva spilled onto the bed. Sitting up, he pulled out his penis from my pussy.

His sperm flowed out, trickling down onto the blanket. “This sight is just so good to look at…” he mumbled in a low voice, his hand under his chin. Raising my upper half, I turned to look at him with a smile.

“It felt as good as ever. Fufu~  Shall we take a bath?” I asked with a grin on my face. Raising a brow, he spanked my ass and pulled out his tail at the same time.

“Uhn~ Somebody is going wild. Let’s go~” I said as I stood up and walked towards our bathroom, swaying my hips. I felt his gaze switching between my back and my butt. Opening the door, I turned to look at him as I asked with my brows raised, “Will you come?”

Nodding his head, he followed in my steps. Another few rounds and clean bodies later, we teleported to our daughter. She woke up!

Chapter 114

Chapter 115


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