Chapter 43

A new journey

Alice’s POV:


We left planet Posnoth with our spaceship and flew towards a new planet which we haven’t seen before called Snexerus. This was a planet which was even closer to the center of the galaxy and the volume of this planet was bigger than any other planet we have been to before. There were quite a lot of intelligent beings on this planet because there were numerous dungeons. Snexerus had three suns and two moons. The three suns it had were close to each other so there were nights though short.

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Chapter 42

Overgrowing faction and a lot of patting

Hiro’s POV:


Two days later when we returned all we saw was a crowd around our silent little house. Although I haven’t made any weapons yet but the sample weapon visibly had its effects. We shrouded ourselves with dark magic and went inside only to cause a clamor among those who were there. I guess Rayner and his friends didn’t hold their mouths. We also realized that we were in need of a receptionist or accountant or something like that to know who has brought the necessary metals or herbs if we don’t want to meet with everyone all the time.Read More »

Chapter 41

Becoming Faction Leaders

Alice’s POV:


What welcomed us was a room filled with many things and there was also a list of how they are called or what can they do. We saw numerous weapons, armors made of grade one metal. Some of them were made from Durinium just like our weapons. There were many pills of every kind gathered into piles. There were also other things such as cultivation techniques, skills and we even saw a mind attack which is a first for us. Of course, it didn’t matter to us as ours were stronger and this was also true to our cultivating methods and normal skills.Read More »

Chapter 40

Hunting for scores and being famous?!?

Hiro’s POV:


(AN:\ MINOR CHANGE! Italic without “” marks means H || A talking through their bond.

Talking through their bond

While “talking with others telepathically”  happens in this form. So bond (Alice) or (Hiro) and “telepathically talking” (someone))

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Chapter 39

Score system and fighting in the arena!

Alice’s POV:


We quickly read the rule book over using our mind powers to know everything about this place that’s necessary. The most important rules were those that were stated by Radcliff before and to our despair we didn’t find anything about the point system at this place. It was stated that we have to go to the Echo Desert Pillar to get points or exchange them to the possible items.

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Chapter 38

The way of cultivation is a way of life

Hiro’s POV: (Sorry but there is going to be bigger info dump about cultivation (Chakra)).


Radcliff wanted to leave but something came to my mind so I asked him about it quickly.

“Hey Radcliff. I have a question. Can we modify the house or at least the courtyard? I wonder..” (Hiro)

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