Chapter 111

Dropping by

Hiro’s POV:


The next day, I woke up with a loud yawn, feeling something soft on my arms. Opening my eyes, I realized that it was my wife and my daughter. Both of them were using me as a pillow. Although Alice woke up, her eyes were still closed as if she was waiting for something.Read More »

Chapter 110

~Princess Aurora~

Aurora Ourichi’s POV:


Everything felt so light and hazy. It’s really comfy. But that feeling soon disappeared as a sudden cold rushed my body, along with a white, blinding light. I felt two strong but gentle hands grabbing my sides and raise me up. I haven’t had a consciousness for a long time. Maybe a few minutes? Hours? But what are those?Read More »

Chapter 107

First Steps

Hiro’s POV:


After having sex, we woke up two days later, our bodies numb. Opening our eyes, we realized we were in complete darkness. Moving my hand, I knocked on the thing in front of us. If felt the same as our scales. Hard, rough, yet pleasant to the touch. Clenching my fists, I punched the texture around us.Read More »

Chapter 106.5


Third person POV:


After leaving Rose’s and Hēi’s room, Hiro and Alice entered their house. Stopping in front of the door to their room, they stood hand in hand. A feeling of nervousness filled their hearts as they thought about the near future.Read More »