Chapter 63

Visiting the Abyss!

Alice’s POV:


We chose a direction randomly to find someone we can ask for information. Although the memory crystal had information about this school, but it didn’t tell us where to join it. Considering that cultivators at Tuchore planet looked at Genotin Academy as an enemy, it would be weird if they would hold information about such things…

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Chapter 62

Legendary Symbiont!

Hiro’s POV:


Since Alice didn’t start, I was the first to explain my new abilities. “Well, the first one I consumed is called Necros. It does not only increases my defense and attack power, just like Poirlion’s but it even increases my energy regeneration speed! It’s perfect for me because using seven clones at the same time is very energy consuming… Now thanks to this little thing, I’ll be able to regain my spent energy very easily!”

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Chapter 61

Finding symbiotic pieces of equipment!

Alice’s POV:


Poirlion charged through the barrier with us in tow… Although we weren’t the first since there were cultivators at the sixth level, but among the fifth level ones, we were the quickest!Read More »

Chapter 60

A new sector!? We must check it out!

Hiro’s POV:


We left our birthplace and moved towards a new beginning. “Hey, Poirlion, I have a question. Do you have a way to communicate with others even if your targets are possibly very far from you?” I questioned him with raised brows after failing to contact Ellery, Max, and Rose. I didn’t manage to contact either of them. Radcliff was a failure as well.

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Chapter 59

I thank David Salter for his Patronage! The gray path be with him!

Changing Travel

Alice’s POV:


After our wonderful love-making, we left our own world. As we advance further, not only our souls will grow but even our own world! We can also cultivate in our own world as long as we allow the Universe Energy to flow into it.Read More »