Chapter 77: Netherlake Basilisk

The next day, the three of them rushed deeper into the forest. They were not as relaxed as they were yesterday since they were entering the part of the wilderness where they will encounter Class 3 Beasts. They could have dealt with Class 1 and Class 2 Beasts easily, but Class 3 Beasts were a lot different as they would have a strength equivalent to those of human cultivators at Late Condensation Realm to Peak Condensation Realm.

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Chapter 76: First Day of Hunting

Edit by Leafy: It seems Buster made a small mistake (though there were a lot of them). Beasts use Class (class 1, 2, etc) while cultivators use Level. So it’s only a small change. Please let me or Buster know if you see any places where there is the wrong term.


Deep in the Wilderness…

A sweet melody spread through the thick forest, drowning out the roars of the Spirit Beasts. The melody was particularly sweet for humans to listen to and some sensitive cultivators could even pick out slight ripples in the Spirit Energy wherever the melody passed through. It was like a sweet lullaby that would make them reminisce about sweet times, but they could only sense that much and were not able to pick out any oddities within the melody.

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Chapter 75: Heaven’s Grotto

Even though this old Demon looked to be ancient beyond belief, Azalon couldn’t feel a sliver of Spirit Energy from his body at all. But he could feel a boundless pressure from this old man and Azalon sensed that this old Demon had a cultivation base that was very deep and profound.

But when he looked around, he could see that not one of the many people that were present took this old Demon seriously. Not even Mark or Leora. In fact there were some students who were disdainfully looking at him, and some were even hostile, but there was not even a hint of change in the old Demon’s expression or aura.

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