Chapter 37

Silverleaf School

Alice’s POV:


About fifty percent of this planet was ocean but even like that the human continent had a size of 3,116 billion square kilometers. An there were two other such big continents. What was even more ridiculous that the area of this Silverleaf School took up a quarter of the whole human continent and the other three schools were the same. The beastmen’s was called Cold Maple School and the elves’ school was called Lynmead.Read More »

Chapter 36.5

Necessity knows no law

Announcement! I think that you should read this when you are in the mood for some.. you know what. 😀 Alice’s POV:

We ran into the forest to satisfy our burning lust which was simply impossible to soothe without fucking! Our Navel and Heart Chakra was way out of the balance right now! As we ran I saw something which caught my eyes. This was a legendary fruit called strawberry!! He also stopped right behind me with his erect cock pressing against my butt but I paid it no heed as I leaned down to pick up the fruit. His penis was stuck between my legs as his pants bulged.Read More »

Chapter 36

Getting new weapons!

Hiro’s POV:

We landed on Posnoth after two weeks of travelling and went straight towards a dungeon called The Smoldering Vault. This was a dungeon which was similar to the ‘Metal Dungeon’ at the third realm. We needed weapons so we didn’t hesitate to get into it. We can trade for better weapons later in the school or better metals maybe? I don’t know what they have to offer but I’m very curious about it as it’s been many years since I’ve attended to a school but that was completely different and boring.. Stupid Earth.Read More »

Chapter 35

Ascension 3.0

Alice’s POV:


After leaving Vertshadow and Lystrion behind we flew towards our little house on Cyder. We were at the peak of ninth stage for a month before our ascensions came. We weren’t in a hurry so we took it very easy. We contacted Ellery and Max and told them that we are going to ascend in at most two days. Since Ellery did have a spaceship which was even faster than ours… they came back to Cyder and stayed with us in the remaining two days.

Read More »

Chapter 34

Title at the bottom

(AN:\ Soon I’m going to pick up on using curses too. You should never forget them.)

Hiro’s POV:


I changed into my monster form and Alice rode me. I mean she sat on my head. We don’t have *cough* in our monster forms.. Anyway she sat on my head and I flew towards a random city. We soon found a city and I didn’t even bother to change back. I landed in front of the city gates where the guards were frozen in place. I guess it’s rare to see such a huge monster appear out of nowhere.Read More »

Chapter 33

A broken dream!

Alice-Sama’s POV

Saramir and his men charged at us. He wanted to attack us immediately but he was intercepted by Pat. She had 552 golems of strength in her monster form plus her technique which gave her another 40 golems reaching 592! But what was weird is that he still pushed back Pat a bit. After seeing this we realised it.. He has had his tribulation and stayed back for 1 month!!! And there were even more elves with about 520 golems of strength but those weren’t here luckily for us. If not for Pat’s tougher body she would die quickly.Read More »

Chapter 32

We went the wrong way..

Hiro’s POV:


We were travelling towards the main city or more like clan on Lark which is called Woodmerrow. When we reached the city it was nighttime. We slipped through the guards without them noticing us and got into the city. They were only at the sixth stage so after activating our battle forms we were able to get in so quickly that they weren’t even able to perceive us. We moved closer to the center of this city like clan.Read More »