Chapter 85


Third person POV:


When Hiro and Alice left Babel, Galen straight flew towards a place, with a happy face. That place was none other than Elder Onas’ house! After knocking twice, Onas opened the door and called him in.

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Double Announcement

Hello guys and gals,

Bad news:

I have exams coming up, which are VERY important. Probably you too are experiencing them… (some of you at least)

Such being the case, I have to learn. So until the 31st of May, I’ll post one chapter every three days until I’m done with the exams. TEMPORARILY!

Good news:

When I’m done with them, I’ll post as usual, or! I might increase it to three thousand words per day. This would mean slightly shorter chapters for me, (not with much, but enough to make writing them easier) and much more words for you! 7*3k = 21k while even if I post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (4times a week) it is no more than 16k words.

Chapter 84

The Law of Belief

Alice’s POV:


“What happens if we hold it in and go beyond it?” I questioned Hiro with my head tilted to the side. Your smiling face is worthy of a painting, though I suck at it. Hiro thought before answering.Read More »

Chapter 83

True Strength

Hiro’s POV:


We moved towards the portal to the Abyss where we had to enter when we took the entrance exam. Probably a large part of the resting room was mapped out. These quests all held parts of that map and the path to get there. This meant that the more quests we did, the more easily we could orientate in the Abyss, which was also a gift in itself!

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Chapter 82

Standstill Break

Alice’s POV:


I pleasured my mate in every possible way, which naturally had its results. I was loved a lot~ After sleeping a good one, we left our world and went to the Zumn Reef to ask Aiko about something.

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Chapter 81

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Hiro’s POV:


We appeared in front of them and after activating our battle forms, we swiped our claws at them. Although their symbiotes reacted quickly and covered their bodies, but it didn’t matter. They were only at the middle and late ninth stages, which meant that the difference in our strength wasn’t much bigger than twenty Crypt.

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Chapter 80

The Blood River

Alice’s POV:


All of us were ready to fight anytime. These new monsters were at the sixth and seventh stage and there was one at the eighth stage as well. Luckily, we had two moves of Twelve Chains of Bane stacked up. Once we attack a few more times, we will be able to kill most of these monsters. The monster at the eighth stage was a ten meters tall tiger, which had dark brown fur with gray stripes.

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