Chapter 114

(AN:\ Aurora’s hair style and color when you get there.)

Y-Young Masters *twitch*

Alice’s POV:


Fresh air rushed through the opened windows, fluttering the curtain. The sun shone on my face, annoying my eyes. Why were there stars in the Abyss? But at least the sunlight felt good. I opened my eyes, only to see Hiro’s muscular arms, coiling around my head. There was only a little gap, exactly enough for the sun rays to enter.Read More »


Chapter 113

The First of My Kind

Aurora’s POV:


Mother took everyone back to our house. I really loved when people were afraid of them. Their faces were so fun to look at. I poked Mother’s chest, showing that I wanted her to let go of me. Doing as I wished, I landed on our sand covered beach. I closed my eyes for a moment to enjoy the sky blue ocean and the fresh air.Read More »

Chapter 112

A Small Measure of Peace

Alice’s POV:


After taking back Ellery along with her half, we stayed at their place for one and half a week’s. They were amusing to look at, especially with her half, called Tatsu Mori. He had Asian features, but we weren’t surprised since Ellery too had some. Similarly, Weston looked to be a mix of an Asian and a European human.Read More »

Chapter 111

Dropping by

Hiro’s POV:


The next day, I woke up with a loud yawn, feeling something soft on my arms. Opening my eyes, I realized that it was my wife and my daughter. Both of them were using me as a pillow. Although Alice woke up, her eyes were still closed as if she was waiting for something.Read More »

Chapter 110

~Princess Aurora~

Aurora Ourichi’s POV:


Everything felt so light and hazy. It’s really comfy. But that feeling soon disappeared as a sudden cold rushed my body, along with a white, blinding light. I felt two strong but gentle hands grabbing my sides and raise me up. I haven’t had a consciousness for a long time. Maybe a few minutes? Hours? But what are those?Read More »