Chapter 105

A Cure?

Hiro’s POV:


After falling for more than twenty minutes, with no wind to resist, we crashed into the hard ground. We had no idea how many kilometers deep we were, but the air here felt stagnant and lifeless. Large rocks of Abyss Stone fell after us, hitting our scale-covered body. Luckily for us, these kinds of things had no effect on our bodies at this point.Read More »

Chapter 104

The Second Level of the Abyss

Alice’s POV:


Going back to the city, we chose a random spot to sit down and train. It was devoid of life for now, so it really didn’t matter. Now that many of the main leaders of the first level of the abyss had died, we were sure that chaos would erupt. As there were still many groups, who never made a move. Losing against us with such a group, made it clear that our city was really number one.Read More »

Chapter 101.5

Bonding with Rose

Third POV:


Hēi pushed down Rose onto the sofa, grabbing her breasts. His long lost feeling of lust returned with an overwhelming force. He felt his crotch burning upon looking at Rose’s red face. He loved shy girls and Rose being as perfect for him as she was… he couldn’t resist.Read More »

Chapter 101

I thank Mitchel van Dorst for his patronage. The gray path be with him!

A Trouble or A Blessing?

Rose’s POV:


As my friends left, I realized that I was left alone with Hēi. He was standing in front of me, while I was sitting on the sofa. I couldn’t say that I felt awkward, but it was kind of strange. Gesturing to the sofa, I asked if he wanted to sit down beside me.Read More »

Chapter 100

Love isn’t found… It is born

Hēi Shé’s POV:


I didn’t wish to jump into this suddenly. I needed time to find my words and think things over. “Please wait for a little,” I replied to her, probably making her feel anxious. Well, I didn’t know what were her feelings for me. I got that she has come here to meet me, her ‘other half’, but she had no real feelings for me. It was too early to say such things.Read More »