Chapter 69: Spatial Domain Formation

Azalon looked around at the five individuals that were before him. One of them was the gold robed Elder Vanko, who was also his Master. The other 4 however caught his interest. He could easily guess the identities of these 4 people.

The White Deer Academy had the Masters of various professions residing in the Academy and they were each given a building or a Hall of their own to practice their art. And these 4 people should be the Hall Masters of their respective professions. In other words, these 4 people were the most influential figures, only below that of the Palace Master of the Academy!

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Chapter 67: A Fish in the Sea

The White Deer Academy occupied too large of an area, the mountain range itself and the occassional valleys created by the continuous mountain range that split the continent into 4 parts.

Not only that, it had existed for too long of a time, almost a few tens of thousands of years but no one really knew exactly how long it had been. There were some talks that this Academy even existed during ‘The Dark Ages’ that happened two millinea ago. And that this Academy here was just an off shoot of a powerful organization that had its headquarters at another place.

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Chapter 66: An Ambitious Cook

The students were quickly drawn to the mouth watering aroma wafting around them and they subconsciously sped up towards the building. Azalon was tempted too but he had smelt this type of smell before, so the effect was much less intense on him, and the memory quickly surfaced in his mind. This was the same type of smell that filled the small thatched hut when his grandpa had cooked the meat of the Thunder Horned Stag!

This smell was not comparable and somewhat inferior, but there was a unique richness and certain allure to it.

Of course there were others as well like the youngsters from the noble families or large clans who could enjoy these types of meat for cultivating.

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Chapter 65: Instructor Foosa


“Hold your hands straight! Keep shooting the water arrows. Make them fly staight and before the first arrow hits the target, a second arrow should be ready!”

Pa! Pa!

“Run, girl. Run faster! That is just a half a ton boulder attached to you. Faster! Faster! Use your Wind Spirit Energy sparingly and concentrate it on the legs. You should be like the wind itself that is swirling around you.”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

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