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Artwork by Vutiendung912

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Johnny Rex, a certified mad scientist, attempts a hazardous experiment to prove his worth to all those who scorned him. But Fate plays a different hand, as he loses his life, even though the experiment was a success. The same hands of Fate that took his life guides his soul into another mysterious land, returning what had been taken from him, albeit with a small change, hehe…

Shandra, a vast continent within a immeasurably vast world, where Beasts and Demons roam unhindered, where cultivation and martial arts rule over everything… where strength defines the value of your life and future… A young man from an insignificant family in a remote corner, steps out to face the world as he aims at the peak of the world… the journey of a man known as Blood Shura, who paves his path with the blood and bones of his enemies, all the while with a single goal in his mind… Explore this Whole New World…

Chapter:    Prologue

Chapter 1:  Trash of the Family

Chapter 2:  Frustration

Chapter 3:  Grandfather

Chapter 4:  A Rainy Night

Chapter 5:  The Mysterious Man

Chapter 6:  Soul Root

Chapter 7:  Decision

Chapter 8:  Start of the New Journey

Chapter 9:  Heaven Shaking Changes

Chapter 10: 7 Primal Energies

Chapter 11: 9 Soul Embryos

Chapter 12: Spirit Awakens

Chapter 13: Spirit Sense Realm

Chapter 14: Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 15: 7 Great Academies

Chapter 16: Announcement

Chapter 17: Thunder Horned Stag

Chapter 18: Consecutive Break Throughs

Chapter 19: Relieved Frustration

Chapter 20: Are you a Human?

Chapter 21: You Will Regret This

Chapter 22: Family Competition, Begin

Chapter 23: Spirit Integration

Chapter 24: This will be the Price

Chapter 25: A Name, A Shock and A Surprise

Chapter 26: A Whole New World

Chapter 27: Academy Selection Grounds

Chapter 28: Seven Profound Martial Grounds

Chapter 29: Preliminary Test

Chapter 30: Crystal Flower Garden

Chapter 31: Prove it, Kid…

Chapter 32: Gratitude…

Chapter 33: All because of Me!

Chapter 34: A Way of Life…

Chapter 35: Innate Spiritual Sense!!!

Chapter 36: They TALK!!!

Chapter 37: Interesting!!

Chapter 38: Spirit Condensation Realm

Chapter 39: Seven Immortal Pagoda

Chapter 40: The Floor of Emotions!

Chapter 41: Rushing Through the Floors

Chapter 42: The Fifth Floor

Chapter 43: Soul Talent Grading Stone

Chapter 44: Third Grade Soul Talent

Chapter 45: White Deer Palace Master

Chapter 46: Farewell

Chapter 47: Alchemist

Chapter 48: Going Their Own Ways and Promises

Chapter 49: The Host will Die~!

Chapter 50: Secret of The Spiritual Sense

Chapter 51: Wang Lin

Chapter 52: Eastern Black Lands Tribes

Chapter 53: A Show…

Chapter 54: Cheap Move

Chapter 55: Ancient Guardian Soul Spirit

Chapter 56: Helping Hand

Chapter 57: Birds of Similar Feathers

Chapter 58: Spirit Cards and Spirit Points

Chapter 59: Runes

Chapter 60: Good for Nothing

Chapter 61: Opportunity

Chapter 62: Weird Guy

Chapter 63: Sealed BloodLine

Chapter 64: Freshmen Class

Chapter 65: Instructor Foosa

Chapter 66: An Ambitious Cook

Chapter 67: A Fish in the Sea

Chapter 68: A Shocking Talent

Chapter 69: Spatial Domain Formation

Chapter 70: Kings and Emperors

Chapter 71: Basic Runes

Chapter 72: Rune Novice

Chapter 73: Coming Out of Seclusion

Chapter 74: First Mission

Chapter 75: Heaven’s Grotto